Tuesday, August 28, 2012

What I Wore: Flower Power

Dress :: Walmart
Sandals :: Modcloth
Clutch :: Vintage
Necklace :: Forever21

I am FINALLY getting back into the habit of taking outfit photos!  While have a completely unstructured summer was relaxing, it also meant I didn't get dressed up very much.  But school has started, so now I'm back to using more of my closet again!

Am I the only one excited about school?  Well, within my family I am.  I just love learning, and taking classes, and meeting like-minded people!  I'm taking Intro to Drawing I, Conservation Biology, Statistics, and American Literature.  I'm enjoying all of my classes so far, but American Lit is my favorite.  Yeah, I'm that kind of nerd.

So about this dress: it's from Walmart!  Can you believe it?  I love the bold floral print, the little ruffle across the bust, and the pretty back (which I forgot to photograph).  I'm sure it will only survive a few washings, but hey, I'll rock it while I can!

Are you going to school this semester?  If so, are you excited about it?

xo, Megan


  1. Beautiful look!)

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  2. Lovely dress! It looks really nice and summery on you, great look!

  3. I'm also pretty excited about school :) it'll start again in 2 weeks here... and it's my last year there, so hey wish the best for me! ;D
    I love your outfit and you are so pretty! :)
    So if you are kinda a nerd, have you got any plans for the time when school is over? Would love to know it. :)

    Love <3

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  5. Lucky! All of your classes I would have loved to take also, with the exception, of course, the science class.
    Between maintaining the base facilities and making sure buildings are squared away I have managed to smuggle a Spanish class into my schedule! And I miss school so bad. Make sure that you enjoy it double; once for me.

    I hope life is great for you Megan.

  6. love that dress! :) good luck with school!

    C’s Evolution of Style

  7. I love that dress! Really good style♥
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    Love, Lie

  8. The multicolor shoes go great with that dress!

  9. What a beautiful print! I love it. The sandals look so girly and perfect with it.



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