Monday, February 27, 2012

Miss Indie and Indie Darling

First off, isn't Mandy from Miss Indie just the cutest ever?  I absolutely love her blog; it's one of my favorite reads.  Aside from running Miss Indie and filling it with all sorts of handmade goodness and inspiration, Mandy also owns her own handmade shop called Indie Darling.  She makes some of the cutest accessories on the interwebs, and guess what? She's holding a giveaway over on her blog to celebrate the arrival of her amazing Spring 2012 collection!  So I highly suggest you head on over and enter, what are you waiting for?

xo, Megan

all pictures belong to Mandy and Indie Darling

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Thrifting Sunday

I actually got to go to quite a few thrift stores and vintage stores this past week, and I even drove over to the flea market in Dothan yesterday.  I love thrifting so much, it's such a fun way to find random amazing things.

This week I found:

1.  Three new children's books to add to my collection.
-The Rime Of The Ancient Mariner (the artwork is so stunning!)
- The Kelpie's Pearls (the blues and whites just drew me in)
- Night Noises and other Mole and Troll Stories (it was too cute to pass up)

2.  Gorgeous vintage floral fabric.
(the brown, green, and orange one is my favorite)

3.  The cutest mint teapot I've ever seen.
(I want to start collecting them.)

Did anyone else go thrifting this weekend?  What did you find?

xo, Megan

Saturday, February 25, 2012

My First Jeffrey Campbell Shoes!

dress :: Mar Mar Vintage
belt, cardigan :: Forever21
tights :: gift
shoes :: Jeffrey Campbell

It stormed on and off all day yesterday, can't ya tell?  Luckily there was a brief reprieve right before I had to go to work so we could snap some quick photos. We spent the majority of our day in Tallahassee thrifting/vintage shopping.  Dresses like these are my favorite to wear for rainy days.  This dress is super comfortable and I love the crazy, bright geometric pattern!

I ordered my first pair of Jeffrey Campbell shoes a week ago (because there was a crazy sale and I just couldn't resist) and they arrived yesterday!  I was so excited, I just had to wear them.  Honestly, these are the most comfortable shoes I've ever owned, and they're so easy to walk in!  I'm Team Jeffrey now, all they way!

How do you feel about Jeffrey Campbell shoes?

xo, Megan

Friday, February 24, 2012

Friday Faves

These one of a kind, hand-painted brooches are based off of men and women from the twenties are spectacular!  I want each and every one, they are just too stunning.

This midcentury-inspired cat bed is gorgeous!  I would love to get one for my cat, but he would still probably sleep in my yarn instead.

This vintage floral drink dispenser be stills my heart.

Dana and Heather's new shop, Fawn and Flora, stocks the cutest stationary and crafty supplies!  I ordered a few notebooks and a planner from them this week and I'm so excited about getting them!

This new mug over at Modcloth is too adorable, I wish it was mine to drink yummy hot chocolate from every evening.

What I've been listening to :: My Boys by Taken by Trees

What I've been reading :: Golden arrow ring DIY by Sincerely, Kinsey

What I've been dying to buy :: These crazy awesome handmade tights!

Totally lusting over :: This Jules Reid dress, if only prom was classy enough for this!

For the foodie in me :: Birthday cake in a jar.  Mason jars just make everything ten times cuter!

Weekend plans :: Thrifting, estate sales, flea markets, crocheting, homework

What are your plans for this weekend?

xo, Megan

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

30 Day Drawing Challenge: Day One

A while ago I pinned a thirty day drawing challenge (pinned here), and today I finally decided to just do it.  I've been wanting to work on my drawing skills lately and challenging myself like this seems like a good way to do it.

The first day I was supposed to draw myself.  So here's my little self-portrait of me in my favorite outfit: a comfy sweater, shorts, tights, boots, and my glasses.

Does anyone wanna take the challenge with me?  You can start at any time, and it would be fun to see everyone else's art styles!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Mini Pie Monday: Peach Pie

Mini Peach Pie

One package of 9 inch round pie crusts
One can of peaches, drained
One package of whipped cream

Cut out the pie crust, spoon the peaches in (no more than three per pie), then place on the top and bake!  8 to 10 minutes later and taadah! Mini peach pies for four!

I know I said I was gonna make my own pie crust, but school got a bit ridiculous and I had to work overtime and the pre-made crust just made it so easy.

Thanks Mandy for suggesting peach mini pies, peaches are one of my favorite fruits but I never had them in pie form before today!  I really enjoyed this pie, although I still want to make my own pie crust.

See my lovely pie maker?  I should've cleaned it before I took a picture, oh well.  I haven't thought of a name yet though, any ideas?

xo, Megan

ps. sorry for the poor quality, poor camera + poor lighting = terrible photos

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Weekend Plans

I made an interchangeable goals list based off of DIY Rachel over at Cornflower Blue Studio created.  It's a super fun and quick project, and perfect for me!  I didn't have access to Bristol paper like she used, so I just substituted one of my small stretched canvas boards instead.  This one will probably end up being temporary; I'd like to make a bigger one soon.

So my goals for this weekend are:

1.  Finish my homework (I have two tests on Monday so this is my number one priority right now)
2.  Work on my infinity scarf pattern
3.  Crochet 10 granny squares (colors pictured above!)
4.  Write a letter

I' worked on my scarf some this morning and I have big studying plans for tonight.  I'm also carrying around my notebook to start on that letter.

What are your plans for the weekend?

xo, Megan

Friday, February 17, 2012

Friday Faves

Everything in this shop is adorable, but this sweet kitty necklace is my fave.  Bonus?  It's all super eco-friendly!

Loving the pattern on this bowl set!

This dress is gorgeous!  I'm such a sucker for mint green and a cute chevron print.

I love everything about this photo; the dresses, the cameras, the color scheme, it's all perfect!

Valentine's Day may have past already, but we can have cute cakes all year-round, right?

What are you loving this Friday?

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Another Yellow Skirt

skirt, ring :: Modcloth
top :: thrifted
cardigan :: Forever21
tights :: gifted
necklace :: old
boots :: sister's

 I admit it:  I have a bit of a problem.  I love yellow, especially yellow skirts.  They're just so happy and bright, the perfect thing to wear on a stormy day like today.  I snatched this one up from the big Modcloth sale that just finished; it was the very last one and it was in my size!  I love the fit, the color, the pockets; pretty much everything about this skirt makes me smile.

Oh, and how legit is that wooden ring?  The colors are much more saturated in person I promise, but the fact that I have to use my little digital camera for the moment and there was ZERO good lighting, we just couldn't capture that.  But trust me, you'll be seeing that ring around quite a bit, I love the quirkiness it adds.

And yes, that is Nugget the cat's favorite place to chill.  She was sitting on his shoulder pretty much the entire time.

What's your favorite item to wear when the weather threatens to put a damper on your mood?

xo, Megan

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Sunny Skies and Skirts

a boy and his dog, how sweet!

top :: thrifted
skirt :: Forever21
tights :: old
necklace, ring :: Claires
bracelets :: gifted
boots :: sister's

It's starting to warm up here again, after a three day cold spell.  I spent most of the day without my jacket, but of course when we decided to take pictures the temperature dropped again.  Which means I'm making funny faces in most of my pictures, cause that's what happens when I'm cold.

I went thrifting today, and found a nice relaxed blazer and a cute summery bag, both of which I'm quite excited about.  The blazer is from Chico's, and I've found a few J. Crew pieces there before too.  So who ever lives around here with good taste and the money to support it, thank you for being generous and giving to thrift stores so poor college girls like me can own nice things!

What's a favorite thrift store find of yours?

xo, Megan

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Loving Others and Yourself

dress :: Kohls
cardigan :: Modcloth
belt :: thrifted
headband :: Modcloth
necklace :: Forever21
tights :: old
boots :: borrowed from my sister

Because today is Valentine's Day, I decided it would be the perfect day to wear my new heart belt for the first time.  I saw it at the thrift store and just HAD to snatch it up.  Isn't it the cutest belt ever?

Our Valentine's Day here was very rainy and gloomy, but I enjoyed spending the time with my sweet boyfriend anyway.  I love him so much!

Speaking of love, Laura over on Violet Bella shared this lovely challenge with everyone today:

This is a challenge to do yoga everyday for thirty days, as a way to stay healthy and show body and your mind some self-love.  Now if you're like me and yoga isn't your thing, you can do another relaxing exercise instead.  My sister brought home a weighted hula hoop, so I will be hooping instead.  The best thing about this challenge is that it offers you a support group of other like-minded women who want to help you succeed.  I highly suggest heading over to Laura's blog and joining in!

Happy Valentine's Day from both of us and the dog!