Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Sunny Skies and Skirts

a boy and his dog, how sweet!

top :: thrifted
skirt :: Forever21
tights :: old
necklace, ring :: Claires
bracelets :: gifted
boots :: sister's

It's starting to warm up here again, after a three day cold spell.  I spent most of the day without my jacket, but of course when we decided to take pictures the temperature dropped again.  Which means I'm making funny faces in most of my pictures, cause that's what happens when I'm cold.

I went thrifting today, and found a nice relaxed blazer and a cute summery bag, both of which I'm quite excited about.  The blazer is from Chico's, and I've found a few J. Crew pieces there before too.  So who ever lives around here with good taste and the money to support it, thank you for being generous and giving to thrift stores so poor college girls like me can own nice things!

What's a favorite thrift store find of yours?

xo, Megan


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