Saturday, February 18, 2012

Weekend Plans

I made an interchangeable goals list based off of DIY Rachel over at Cornflower Blue Studio created.  It's a super fun and quick project, and perfect for me!  I didn't have access to Bristol paper like she used, so I just substituted one of my small stretched canvas boards instead.  This one will probably end up being temporary; I'd like to make a bigger one soon.

So my goals for this weekend are:

1.  Finish my homework (I have two tests on Monday so this is my number one priority right now)
2.  Work on my infinity scarf pattern
3.  Crochet 10 granny squares (colors pictured above!)
4.  Write a letter

I' worked on my scarf some this morning and I have big studying plans for tonight.  I'm also carrying around my notebook to start on that letter.

What are your plans for the weekend?

xo, Megan


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