Monday, February 20, 2012

Mini Pie Monday: Peach Pie

Mini Peach Pie

One package of 9 inch round pie crusts
One can of peaches, drained
One package of whipped cream

Cut out the pie crust, spoon the peaches in (no more than three per pie), then place on the top and bake!  8 to 10 minutes later and taadah! Mini peach pies for four!

I know I said I was gonna make my own pie crust, but school got a bit ridiculous and I had to work overtime and the pre-made crust just made it so easy.

Thanks Mandy for suggesting peach mini pies, peaches are one of my favorite fruits but I never had them in pie form before today!  I really enjoyed this pie, although I still want to make my own pie crust.

See my lovely pie maker?  I should've cleaned it before I took a picture, oh well.  I haven't thought of a name yet though, any ideas?

xo, Megan

ps. sorry for the poor quality, poor camera + poor lighting = terrible photos


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