Friday, November 4, 2011

Stripes are my Favorite

sweater- Thrifted, jeans- Kohls, boots- forgot, hat and necklace- Claire's, glasses- Ray Bans

Yesterday I dressed for comfort, and nothing else.  I had a big test that day and a lot of homework due, so I was kinda stressing out.  Yet somehow, I really liked what I wore.  It was comfortable and warm, but the feeling cute thing was definitely a bonus.
Tonight is First Friday again, and my boyfriend and I are bringing my little toy Schnauzer with us this time.  We bought her a cute little red parka just for the trip, because the temperatures have dropped dramatically lately.  And by dramatically, I mean in the 50's.  But hey, that's cold for Florida!  Anyways, she's been shivering when she's inside the house, so we figured she really needed a nice warm jacket if she was going to spend a lot of time outside with us.  Plus it's just darn adorable.

Photos by my little sister, thanks for your help:)


  1. Really cute!!!! Love your jumper on you!! :) i found your blog through lookbook forum :)


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