Sunday, March 18, 2012

What I Wore- My Favorite Skirt

skirt, scarf :: Modcloth
tee :: band shirt
socks :: Ruche
shoes :: Payless
headband :: Claires

Have I mentioned how much I love this skirt?  The color, the fit, the sweet buttons; it's all just so perfect.  And if you can't tell, that scarf has giraffes on it.  I freaking love giraffes, they're just so cute and gangly and awkward, which is how I feel sometimes.

Today we mourn the loss of my digital camera.  I guess the screen hit something in my purse, because it is completely trashed now.  We took these photos blindly, which is why the top of my head is missing in most of them.  I guess this means I really have to find my charger for my nice camera now.

P.S.  Can you tell my face is sunburned in this pictures?  Yeah, spring has completely skipped Florida.  Summer is already in full swing here.

How has your weekend been?

xo, Megan


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