Saturday, April 28, 2012

18 Before 19

I turned 18 about a week and a half ago, and I've finally finished creating my 18 before 19 list!  This is a list of 18 things I want to do before I turn 19 in a year.  Some of them are easy, others require a lot of planning.  I love making lists like this because it helps me focus on my goals and get organized.  I'm super excited to start crossing things off already!

1.  Visit a new country.
2.  Do a 30x30 challenge.
3.  Read 12 books.
4.  Have a real Christmas tree.
5.  Sew myself something cute.
6.  Take a photo a day for a month.
7.  Bake Nick a cake.
8.  Buy matching silly socks for us.
9.  Have a garden.
10.  Go on picnics.
11.  Visit as many of Florida's State and National Parks as I can.
12.  Learn to play an instrument.
13.  Create 12 DIYs for the blog.
14.  Work on defining my personal style.
15.  Eat healthier.
16.  Finish my grandparent's blanket.
17.  Plan a party.
18.  Go on a mini road trip.

Have you made a goals list to finish before your next birthday?

xo, Megan


  1. I love this list! I can't wait to see you cross some of this off!

  2. Ouu great list - I'm actually working on my 18 before 19 this year too ;)
    Cute cute blog you've got here!!


  3. Absolutely amazing blog!!! Brilliant post! There's a reason I keep coming back! :-) Your blog is quickly making it's way to the top of my favourites list!!!! Have a great day. x


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