Friday, April 27, 2012

Friday Favorites

It's finals week here, so all I've been doing is studying and taking tests.  Here's a list of things that help lift those finals week blues.

DIY:  Wanna join Elycia and Chantilly's Crafternoon? They're making this super cute bike bag!

Etsy: Cutest necklace ever? Yep, cutest necklace ever.

Fashion: I'm loving an all white look for spring and summer! via here and here

Art: Moments mean more than material objects.

Shopping:  This umbrella is seriously the cutest ever!  Who wouldn't want a bright, floral bubble umbrella?

For The Home:  I wish I could like it this pretty orange room.


  1. Oooh, that room is amazing! I love all of the artworks on the wall and the couch!

  2. That cat is definitely the cutest, and don't get me started on that umbrella, and I love that saying about collecting moments and not things, and, and, and...fantastic!

  3. Hey, I just looked at your blog and it is amazing I may say and also you have pretty room. I am following your blog, so I hope you can take a few minutes and check out mine or maybe follow it. Have a nice day :D


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