Sunday, September 18, 2011

Six Rules for a Better Shopping Day

When I go shopping I have some strict rules when I comes to what I wear.  They help make the dressing room process go by a lot quicker, which keep everyone (especially my impatient brother) happy.

Rule One: Wear a simple, neutral shirt.
This lets what you're trying on be the focus, and you know it'll match no matter what.  I wore my blue over-sized Oxford button-up today.

Rule Two: Always wear a camisole.
Sheer is in right now, but my family is super conservative and would be horrified if I hopped on that bandwagon.  So my neutral colored camisole lets me wear the cute sheer shirts that fill every store window without exposing too much skin.

Rule Three: Wear neutral, easy to put on bottoms.
I can't remember how many times I've worn my tightest skinny jeans while shopping, and it took up so much time taking them off and putting them back on in the dressing room.  Today I wore my Volcom cream skinny pants.  They look great with everything, and they really aren't hard to put on or take off at all!

Rule Four: Bring a belt.
It just comes in handy, to had definition to a voluminous top or dress or to just hold your pants up.

Rule Five: Wear comfortable, slip-on shoes.
Don't get me wrong, I love my heels.  But when I have to take 5 minutes to find a place to sit down and undo every buckle, and then carry them around everywhere, it just doesn't work.  Thus, my flats become my shopping shoes.  I can just slide them off and stick them in my bag until I'm done.

Rule Six: Keep your hair simple.
Constantly changing can ruin a cute hair-do in no time.  A simple ponytail or just wearing your hair down is the best way to go.

So those are my six rules for a easy shopping day.  What are some tips that you use?


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