Thursday, September 8, 2011

Brighten the Day

dress: Modcloth, tights: old, boots: can't remember

So I have some exciting news to share: *drumroll* It's finally reached below 90 degrees here!  Crazy, right? Today it was in the high seventies, low eighties all day, and I had to wear a jacket at night.  I wore a jacket! And tights!  So many different styling possiblities are open now!
Speaking of that, I cleaned out my closet this weekend.  More than forty articles of clothing are gone, most of them given to my little sister.  It was all nice stuff, I just never wore it.  And she'll get tons of use out of most of it, I'm sure.
Today was just school, I had my first chemistry test.  I have a terrible science education background, but I have to do well in these courses, so wish me luck!


Photos by my boyfriend, thanks darling!


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  2. Thanks so much! And sure, we can do that:)


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