Sunday, August 28, 2011

Amongst the Wildflowers

dress:bloom, blouse: thrifted, wedges: kohls, belt: came with another dress, necklace: mom's

Yesterday I was able to go down to Tallahassee and do some more vintage shopping.  This time though, my boyfriend and I brought along one of my best friends because he was dying to see the stores I've been raving about.  He of course loved them, because he has awesome taste.
Both my friend and I scored while shopping: he bought a sake set and a black vest necessary to one of his cosplays, and I found a bright sweater, a high-waisted skirt, and a printed dress/shirt.
We ended the day by going to NuBerri, and getting frozen yogurt.  I love frozen yogurt, especially the triple chocolate with marshmallows, whipped cream, and strawberries. Yum!

Song of the Day: Double Trouble by Jack and White

thanks to my boyfriend for taking the photos!


  1. Love that dress, it look so cute!
    hope ypou like my blog :)

  2. I love that you put the dress over the button up. I wouldn't think to do that! <3

    Naz Isik

  3. your look is so romantic and girly!!love it!!

  4. Cute outfit! I love the flouncy blouse and the clogs!

    sherri from SHERRI AMOUR

  5. such cute pics love the floral dress with the flower background :) really like the socks and shoes following, check out mine and follow too if you like it <3


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