Thursday, August 25, 2011

Floral is just another neutral..

Shirt, black necklace- sister's, skirt- Bloom, rose necklace- mother's, sandals- kohls

   This week was the beginning of school in my area, and my first week at college.  It's weird being at the college campus because I am only a senior in high school.  The best thing about being on the college campus is the fact that there is no dress code, so I've been wearing everything that's not allowed at my high school.  Dresses more than three inches above my knee, open back shirts, tank tops, crop tops, you name it and I've been wearing it.  Having this creative freedom with my clothing and style makes getting dressed every morning much more enjoyable.
   While I'm on the topic of dress code I think I'll share my two cents.  I feel that restricting a student's choice in what he or she wears is wrong.  Stdents should have the opportunity to create their own style and express themselves on the canvas that is one's body.  Dress codes stifle individuality and creativity in the people who will grow up to shape the world.
   I feel strongly about this, but what really ruffles my feathers is when a dress code is only applied to certain people.  I've  been on the wrong end of this favoritism stick, and I know how it feels to be discriminated against.  I don't say this for sympathy, I say it to make a point.  I am a tall, thin girl who doesn't play sports, nor am I involved in many school functions.  I'm quiet, I do my work, and I don't get in trouble.  If I wear a tank top to my high school I get sent home to change; however, if a cheerleader or a junkie wears just a cami no punishment is delivered.  Faculty just look the other way because they are afraid to punish a popular student, or because the student gets in trouble all the time and reprimands do nothing.
   When I wear a dress that's within three inches of my knee (our school dress code) I am sent up to the office to have it checked.  If I wear heels at the same time than I am sent even quicker.  Some how though, our cheerleaders were able to get uniforms that were nothing more than booty shorts and midriff exposing tank tops.  I've also seen many other girls, usually loud rebellious trouble children, wear shorter skirts and shorts, and get away with it easily.
   This dress code discrimination is something that has bothered me throughout high school.  Every day it felt like I was being told I couldn't dress creatively and unique, while other girls could dress like skanks if they wanted.  It is something I definitely want to work on getting changed.


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