Friday, August 19, 2011

I'm on a plane to nowhere...

skirt- Forever 21, dress- can't remember, necklace- mom's, bracelet- market in Nepal, hat- Claires, sandals- Kohls

   Today was relaxed; went to Tallahassee to get my brother and sister's birthday presents, got a massage, went to work, then just chilled with the boyfriend at home.
   We had no trouble getting my brother's present; he needed a new drumhead because the drummer in his band busted the old one.  My younger sister was a bit more difficult to shop for.  We (as in my boyfriend and I) ended up buying her a wrap skirt from a local designer.  We got it one of the most legit stores in Tallahassee:  The Other Side Vintage.  They have all sorts of crazy things, from vintage to local work.  And it's in one of the most interesting areas in town.  Definitely geared toward all the FSU and FAMU college hipster kids.
   Anyways, I can't wait to give them their presents.  My brother's party is tomorrow, and the sister's is Sunday.  I have a very busy weekend ahead of me.

Song of the Day:: Plane to Nowhere by Adaline

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