Saturday, October 29, 2011

Check One

1. Polish up my blog header

2. Throw a party

3. Finally win a carrom game against my mom

4. Finish my skirt

5. Decorate for the holidays

6. Make my family's Christmas presents instead of buying them

7. Hug my dad for the first time in six months

8. Get a better math score on the ACT

9. Bake that cake for my boyfriend

10. Totally clean my room

11. Take more pictures

12. Plan a trip
Yay! I get to cross number 2 on my Twelve by 2012 list off, as of last night.  It was such a fun party, and I was surprised with how well it turned out.  I know, I have no faith in myself as a crafter.  But it looked awesome, and everyone had tons of fun.  My only regret is that because of my brother's show I didn't get to help finish setting up, and by the time I got back it was too dark to take pictures.  But you can just take my word for it, it rocked!:)

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  1. I love making lists! Crossing the stuff off is so much fun!


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