Thursday, October 27, 2011

Lacy Dresses and Curly Tresses

Me: dress- Forever21, tights- Wet Seal, socks- Walmart, necklace- mom's, glasses- Ray ban's

A group of students at my campus have deemed Wednesdays as Fancy Wednesdays, which is why we are all dressed up today.  We were last week as well, but because of school craziness there was no chance to take pictures.  But today we had plenty of time, and we really enjoyed it.  This is probably my favorite set yet!
My friend's party is on Friday, and I've got most of the decorations finished.  That's what my day will be filled with after work tomorrow, and hopefully everything will be done then.  The other friend who is helping me plan this is making the food, which takes a ton of weight off of my shoulders.  I am super excited for it, I can't wait to share all of our hard work.

Oh, and isn't my boyfriend just the cutest ever?  I'm such a lucky girl.

Later, lovelies!

Photos by my boyfriend and me

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  1. Precioso el vestido y unas fotos geniales!!



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