Monday, October 10, 2011

What I Wore, Illustrated

These two outfits are actually what I wore last weekend.  I wasn't able to take pictures because my poor boyfriend was so sick, but I figured I could just draw them.  Who knows, maybe I'll post some more of my work here.
The First Friday event was so much fun!  We ran into some other friends there, and it was nice getting to catch up with them.  I proved my useless ability to point out specific breeds of dogs over and over again, (I did see an Afghan Hound though, which just made my night).  Oh, and I bought an adorable headband and necklace from a new vendor for a total of five dollars.
Tomorrow is  going to be a busy day at school, but hopefully we'll have time for some outfit pictures.  And maybe I'll have my Halloween wreath finished by tomorrow night too!

Illustrations by me

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